is leading the charge for advanced gynecology innovation around the world – for every woman, everywhere.

Intimo’s vision is cutting-edge FemTech that empowers women with bodily choice, freedom, and the highest quality of life.
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Our Story

Scarlett was always a woman on-the-go. Independent, driven, active – she was her own boss and a real adventurer. Then came a full week of nauseous mornings; she tested herself and discovered she was pregnant. Scarlett was devastated. This was never the plan. Her birth control had failed. Suddenly, life was changed forever. And the free spirit she always had was gone for good.
Pregnancy is a gift when it is wanted. But unplanned, it can fundamentally change a woman’s trajectory, dictate her choices, quash opportunities, and limit her freedom and potential. Throughout time and across cultures, women have borne the brunt of unplanned pregnancies with too few – and often problematic – options for maintaining some control.

Currently, 45% of pregnancies and one-third of births in the U.S. are unplanned or associated with feelings of ambivalence. Women make up 51% of the population. Yet 100% of the time, they are the ones on the frontline of the consequences.

Historically funding, research, and programs that prioritize women’s issues are scarce. And politics can change the paradigm of her choices at any time.

Introducing Intimo Medical – the home for proactive women’s healthcare. Here, Scarlett’s story and the countless others like it, have turned into our calling. We’ve set out to become the premiere company in the world for innovative healthcare solutions that put women in control.

To start, we developed a groundbreaking, 3-D, non-hormonal, anatomically shaped contraceptive device, that is tiny-but-mighty and fits the needs of the dynamic 21st-century woman.

We call it Scarlett.

But we won’t stop there. At Intimo, we have many more plans – for user-friendly fertility devices, sensor-based gynecology instruments to make treatments gentler, and much more. We are working hard to change gynecology today, so it will be as efficient, woman-centered, and liberating as possible.


Intimo strives to provide women with improved safety, comfort, and protection – starting with our innovative and versatile Intrauterine 3-Dimensional Device (IU3D). Its technology platform can currently provide hormone-free contraception and will eventually target additional clinical indications.

T-shape IUDs

Worldwide, almost half of all pregnancies are unintended and often this is caused by some disconnect in contraceptive use. For example, common contraceptives like pills or condoms need to be used consistently for optimal efficiency, and sometimes there is a lapse. And T-shaped copper intrauterine devices are highly effective, but they have significant side effects that make women uncomfortable and can lead them to remove their IUDs early.

~50% of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended – that’s 120 million each year!

>$5.5 billion is spent annually in the US alone, to deal with the consequences of low contraceptive adherence

IUD expulsion rates of up to 10% expose women to unprotected situations

IUD embedment rates of up to 18% may raise a potential risk for T-frame breakage

Perforation rates of 1/1000 cases may raise a potential risk of surgical intervention

Early IUD discontinuation rates are up to 40% within the first two years of use

The Groundbreaking IU3D Intrauterine Platform

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When it comes to intrauterine devices, development has stagnated. The traditional T-shaped IUD has not changed in more than 30 years! Meanwhile, there has always been room for improvement with it because, of course, the uterus is not a simple T; rather it is a three-dimensional organ shaped like a pear. This mismatch between a T-shaped device and a full-bodied organ, among other factors, is at the heart of many traditional IUD complications and failures.

Finally, the decades of inadequacy and stagnation are about to end. Intimo has developed the novel hormone-free IU3D which self-expands into that pear-shaped anatomical structure, adapting itself to the uterine cavity. Its unique design, based on the knowledge of science, engineering, and medicine, reduces the risk of uterus injury and allows for safe and comfortable use.

Scarlett’s Novelty

Top-Level Safe and Adaptable

Benefits for Women

Benefits for HCPs

Pipeline and Market Potential

Intimo is first in the market to present a proprietary versatile intrauterine delivery device of solid or liquid substances for multiple clinical indications and therapies. Our technology allows this through an intimate and discreet IU3D in the uterine cavity without requiring connection to external devices. Its potential is vast.


Slow-release artificial insemination (SRI)


Hormonal IUD




Lior Erez
Co-Founder & CEO

Lior has more than 15 years of experience across the MedTech industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Intimo Medical Ltd.

Matan Shabat
Co-Founder & Director

R&D leader and entrepreneur, Matan is the owner of a dozen patents, with over 15 years of experience developing medical devices.

Zohar Gendler
Chairman of the Board

Zohar led the way in establishing and investing in more than 50 companies including Prolor Biotech (sold to OPKO, $480M), Mazor Robotics (sold to Medtronic, $1.6B), ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), and Corindus (sold to Siemens, $1.1B).

Nizar Mishael
CFO & Director

Co-founder of NGT Fund, with over 15 years’ experience as CFO of start-ups, Nizar’s expertise spans everything from seed investments to late-stage financing.

Livnat Ben-Zur
Chief BD Officer

Livnat has over 20 years of experience in executive positions within the medical device and healthcare industries, and served as VP of Business Development and Director of Women’s Health Product Development for breast and gynecology applications.

Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Stark
Medical Advisor

Specializing in OB-GYN, he has been president of The New European Surgical Academy since 2004, and scientific and medical advisor at ELSAN in France.

Dr. Yaakov Bentov M.D.
Medical Advisor

Specializing in OB-GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, he has been senior REI & OB-GYN at Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital since 2020.